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Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Get yours today on Amazon here.

If you are completely new to the pressure cooker world, please know that the Instant Pot brand is considered the very best of the best.

With the Duo Evo Plus, you get a redesigned stainless steel inner pot that is safe to use on a stove-top and easy to handle due to its easy grip nonslip silicone handles that stay cool to the touch.

With over 12,000 Amazon reviews (83% of which are 5 star), what customers seem to enjoy the most is the newly designed lid, which comes with a better pressure release seal and vent that takes the fear out of the pressure release process. What else do people really think about this Instant Pot?


  • Large LCD display that takes the guesswork out of the pressure cooking cycle

  • Easy to maneuver controls

  • Easy to use pressure release valve

  • Sous vide cooking feature

  • Multiple pre-built programs for a variety of meals

  • Much better looking aesthetically than other models


  • Large appliance

  • Some reviewers report receiving faulty appliances

  • Some people prefer less computerized pressure cookers

  • Some think the pre-heating period is too long

So there you have it! Most people agree that this is possibly the best Instant Pot for beginners and seasoned pressure cookers alike. Get yours today HERE.


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